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SkullTroniX Animatronic Skulls
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rev 5
rev 3
How to make eyes light
Upgrading a REV 4.2 to REV 5 skull
triggering the skulltronix
Upgrading Rev 4.2 VSA routines to Rev 5
Eye Blinks
Defunct Magic Motion issue
VSA Wave Motion Analysis
Using Your Skulltronix skull with a live mic via Autotalk
vsa 5 wont work with skull
matching the color of my skull
Are There Any Plans For New Routines?
Head movement following the routine
jaw emergency
Jaw Movement...What am I missing?
Jaw issues
Eye Adjustments
programing a routine
Many Thanks!
Overlapping communications error again
Looking sideways instead of forward
DMX lights only flashing blue/red?
A/C Adaptor for skull?
Add'l servo for use with DMX Skull
Dip Switch Settings for LCD Lights
eye color dosent match video demos
eye lighting
Audio Synch on Stock Routines
Upgraded skull
cant get skull to work what are these errors
how do you hook up all the wires
Spanish Skull
Mounting the skull on a bucky
Price tag
Codes for Rapu to use with remote?
DMX Skull
dmx skulls
Ghost Bust and SkeleTron
Repair instructions
Rev3 and DMX
Skulltronix Requirements
SkullTronix sound question
Remote button press for laptop?
Skulltronics Skull (New Purchase soon to be made)
Instructions for using RAPU with SkullTronix?
What Happened to the site?
Modifying the appearance of your SkullTroniX
Multiple SkullTroniX on one PC
Revised Bucky Skeleton/SkullTroniX Neck Mounting Notes
Revised SkullTroniX Installation Instructions 11/2012
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