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SkullTroniX Animatronic Skulls
Technical support and advice for SkullTroniX talking skulls
The SkeleTron is a full sized human skeleton designed especially as a prop. It is NOT a medical replica, in fact, it has larger bones and even more ribs than a real skeleton. The difference in appearance is striking. The SkeleTron comes in both animatronic and static version. Please see the web site for the latest information and availability.
Board of Chuckee
Discussion of issues relating to SkullTroniX's Servo Control Board, specifically designed for theatrical animatronics
Technical support for VSA issues, NOTE VSA is not a SkullTroniX product and SkullTroniX has no rights or responsibilities to this product, this forum is primarily for VSA issues as they apply to SkullTroniX products, but hey... if you have a question then shoot
Discussion and support for DMX lighting and motion control
Exorcist - Limited availabilty
Control your VSA routines by remote control, mat switches, PIR and much more. Use one PC to control the lighting, fx and animatronics in your entire haunt. No programming skills required. Now available.
Magic Motion - discontinued product
Magic Motion has been discontinued by SkullTroniX
Ghost Bust -discontinued. See
This product has been discontinued by SkullTroniX and is now carried by NightFrights.Net
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